Password Purgatory

I’m guessing we’ve all had the experience of trying to get into an account, only to have it tell us that our password is incorrect. It is frustrating as hell and can, under the right conditions, be a trigger for my depression.

I mean honestly, anything can be a trigger for my depression, which is one of the many things that truly sucks about depression. Yet there is something especially hellish about being stuck in password purgatory. It feels, to me at least, as if our technological innovations are mocking you for not being able to keep up with the fast-paced digital world. It feels as if you are not welcome even on the accounts that you yourself set up. And sometimes, you wonder why the hell this is all so hard (seriously, if anyone is trying to pay my student loans for me, don’t let a little thing like a password stop them).

And some people might not be able to understand how things like this, little inconveniences that have become part of our daily lives, can be triggers for mental illnesses. Yet this is what depression can be. Little inconveniences become cracks in our coping strategies that let the darkness seep back in. Because our demons never seem to need a password to get inside our heads.

Yet just like how we can reset our passwords, it turns out we can reset ourselves, metaphorically speaking. We can start over with our coping strategies. We can accept that sometimes, life has these little hiccups that we need to overcome. And we can get back to managing our mental illnesses.

Which I plan to do right after trying again to remember my damn passwords….

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