Mental Health Law

Our country is governed by the rule of law. Yet how the law treats mental illness can be a complex issue. As an initial step, I’ve decided to create this page to offer access to some mental health law resources, such as Law Review articles and key court opinions. If you have thoughts on this issue, feel free to let me know through the contact page.

Also, if you have any mental health law resource you would like shared on this page, feel free to reach out as well.

Lastly, this site is still a work in progress, so check back often.


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Mental Disorder as an Exemption from the Death Penalty: The ABA-IRR Task Force Recommendations (Slobogin, 2005)

Mental Illness and Negligence Law: A Critique (Bromberger, 2008)

Kahler v. Kansas (S. Ct. 2020)

Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter (Mass. 2019)

Surviving the Lunacy Act of 1890: English Psychiatrists and Professional Development during the Early Twentieth Century (Takabayashi, 2017)

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