Technology and Depression

I wrote the other day about how forgetting one of my many passwords impacted my depression. Today, I want to talk about the impact of technology generally on my depression.

Technology is a great gift and a great evil for me when it comes to managing my depression. On the one hand, there are great tools and apps available to help. And even in the midst of a global pandemic, it helps me stay connected to my support network. Indeed, my therapy sessions the last few months have all been held via zoom, as so much of our lives have been these past two years.

Yet it also shows me countless people via social media who only ever share their highlight reels, fuel for depression’s demons as they continue to whisper about how much of a failure I am. The constant barrage of notifications can be truly and utterly exhausting on the days my depression is bad, as I struggle to do so much as lift my phone from the side table.

Technology, like life itself, is as much a tool for recovery as it is a weapon that can be wielded by our demons, at least that is the case for me. Yet as hard as it can be to be mindful as technology continues to tug, mindfulness is exactly what I need to keep technology from teaming up with my darkness and instead stay allied with my lighter side. Yet it is a challenge. One that I will continue to attempt to manage.

And if it is a challenge for you too, know that you are not alone.

P.S. also check out Daddying with Depression with Technology.

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