It is Okay To Be Messy

Today, I want to talk about the fact that it is okay to be messy. It is okay to not be okay. I say this as a reminder to myself as much as to others.

I sometimes feel like the chores I don’t have time to get to, or the desk drawers that are constantly a black hole of where-did-my-stuff go mirrors the disorganization within my mind, and I feel overwhelmed and lost in the mess.

And sometimes I try to push back against this by trying to combat the disorganization, but that never seems to last. It seems I am forever struggling with the chaos and disorder of my life. Yet that is okay.

That was the message my therapist had for me the other day. It is okay to be messy.

It is okay because I am human. And so are you. And being human is an inherently messy process. We are messy when we come into this world, often times we are messy when we leave. And so often, everything in-between is some degree of messy as well. And that is okay.

It is okay because the mess doesn’t define us. It doesn’t have to hold us back. We can rise above the messiness. We can find our own way of surviving and thriving. In a world where nothing seems to find its place, we can somehow find ours. And there is something a little magical in that. Something that can help push back the darkness and disorder in our physical and mental spaces, leaving something that is clean and ready for fresh potential.

Well clean metaphorically speaking…

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