Tuesday Therapy Notes: Nothing (and Everything) to Talk About

Therapy has helped me out tremendously. Yet there are also times where I can’t help but think about the fact that it can also be a really weird experience. I mean, here is this stranger, who you are sharing your most intimate issues with. Yet it can be even weirder when you don’t have anything to talk about. And weirdest of all is the fact that sometimes, those can be the most productive sessions.

Before I talk about having nothing (and everything) to talk about though, I want to say how strange it is that you have to provide the material for the examination. I mean, most other medical issues, I go to the doctor and they take it from there. My therapy sessions though, it isn’t about what the practitioner sees, but rather what I say. And there is no test, no lab work that clinicians or psychiatrists can do to determine the depths of your darkness. It is all about what you have to say.

And if you have a lot to say, it can be therapeutic to just get it off your chest. However, for me at least, when I have a lot to say, it is because I have a struggle that is front and center in my mind. It is when I don’t have something specific to talk about that progress can be made, as the therapist has a chance to look past the present darkness, to see where that darkness comes from, where the darkness hides deep down within you.

And it doesn’t always feel therapeutic in the moment. No, there have been times I walked in to a therapist’s office feeling great and feeling like there wasn’t anything major to talk about, only to walk out feeling like raw and exposed because of what was talked about in the session. Yet that rawness is a sign it is working. It is a sign I am getting to know myself better.

So here is to those sessions, those interesting therapy sessions where there is nothing (and everything) to talk about.

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