Looking on The Other Side

Recovery is hard. There is plenty of support available along the way to help with recovery, but there should be no reason to sugar coat the fact that recovery is hard. It is messy. And it will be full of road blocks. Sometimes those roadblocks are external, created by a society that sadly still stigmatizes mental illness. Other times it is internal, as the lies of mental illness convince you that you will never be better. But there is always another side.

Recently, someone suggested not looking at what is standing in the way of change, in the way of recovery, but rather asking why you aren’t lower. It is recognizing the positive changes you’ve already internalized. It is giving yourself the change language necessary to push back against the lies of mental illness, to keep yourself inspired when the darkness comes and recovery is extra challenging.

Looking on the other side can also be looking at what you are grateful for instead of what you feel is lacking. I keep a gratitude journal, which has along with therapy and medication, made a noticeable difference in how many dark days I’ve had due to my depression or anxiety. And I have full confidence that the same can be true for your too.

Looking on the other side won’t change the challenges that lie ahead. It won’t be a magic pill that makes recovery a breeze. On the contrary, it is a a light in the darkness. A way to keep pushing when recovery gets hard. Because it will get hard. Yet it is also possible. And maybe someday, looking on the other side might mean looking back at how far you’ve come and how grateful you are for that progress. It is all a matter of perspective.

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