The Dark Tales Project: A Year in Review

At last, we come to my third and final year in review. I’ve looked at my mental health over the past year, my Medication Monday series over the past year, and now I want to look back on this blog. 

I started this blog to connect with others and hopefully give others a space to share their stories. While I have not had many guest posts yet, I hope to change that in the coming year. However, I have connected with many individuals over the past year, through this site or through the site’s social media accounts. Even in my anxious, introverted state, the internet and this blog have been such a powerful reminder that none of us are alone. 

Beyond that, this blog has forced me to be more honest about my mental illness. Honest with others, yes, but also more honest with myself. It has forced me to reflect on the hard times as well as the good ones, and better see what works and what doesn’t work. In short, it has finally got me into the habit of journaling, albeit for all to see. It is hard to be that open. After all, mental illness is the thing that makes me feel like I am worthless. But by shining the light of this blog on it, I am proving it wrong. The darkness can never stand up to the light. 

Looking back at my statistics, I am still sometimes overwhelmed by all the people who have read, liked, commented, or shared my posts. I hope my words and these posts have been as helpful to them as their support has been to me. And now, a few fun facts. 

  • While some months were better than others, on average, I saw 13.5 percent growth month to month, which is promising growth within my first full year. 
  • My most read post was, And Music is the In Between, followed by, And That is Why Therapists are Awfulsome, and 100 Dark Tales rounding out the top three. (Feel free to go back and check those posts out again today. Maybe their rankings will change before midnight)! 
  • Both the Facebook and Twitter accounts for this page showed similar growth (but we can always use more support). 

And now, a look ahead to 2020. In 2020 I have several goals. 

  • Get more guests posts (reach out in the comments section or through the contact page if you want to be featured) 
  • Continue connecting with others who battle mental illness, as well as those who don’t. With any luck, those who battle will be reminded they are not alone and those who don’t will gain a better understanding of mental illness. 

And finally, a development for 2020 that I am very excited to tell you about is the launch of my podcast, A Light in the Darkness, which is currently available on Anchor, Spotify, Overcast, Google Podcasts, Breaker, and RadioPublic, with more platforms hopefully picking it up soon.

The podcast is a look at what it is like to journey in faith while also battling mental illness. Yet, you don’t have to be religious to appreciate it. Many of my initial topics will be issues such as forgiveness and compassion that I feel all of us struggle with. The first episode will be out Sunday, January 5th, but you can subscribe now and check out the trailers for the podcast. 

And so, as I wrap up my blogging for 2019 and look ahead to 2020, I just want to say thank you so much for reading. Have a safe and happy New Year, and I’ll hopefully continue to see you on the other side.

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