A New Start

Okay, so the title might be a little corny given that this is the first post of 2020, but it works for me. The New Year brings not only a new calendar on the wall but new challenges for me.

A new year offers new opportunities. It all depends on how you look at it. Photo by Bich Tran via Pexels.com.

Yesterday was my last day at my old job, courtesy of a contract that the client decided not to renew. And while not having an income can be a source of anxiety, and undoubtedly will be a source of it if it goes on too long, the fact is I had felt like it was time to move on from that company anyway, so the change is a welcome one. It is a kick in the but for me to find something different.

And as arbitrary as a specific date on a calendar is to make changes to your lifestyle, that combined with the change in work situation offer me the ideal opportunity to focus on developing better management habits for my mental illnesses. And hopefully, if you are battling, you can use the new year as a new opportunity as well.

It is an opportunity to accept without judgment those things in your past that didn’t work and let them go. It is an opportunity to find a new book club, or intramural sports team, or a blog or a podcast to join or follow. (And shameless plug if you are looking for a new podcast, the first episode of my new podcast, a Light in the Darkness, will be coming out on Sunday.)

So for me, I am choosing to view the new year with optimism as bright as the morning sun currently reflecting off the snow. And I hope you choose to do the same with your new years.

And as always thank you for reading.

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