Back and Back to Normal

It is good to be back after being off for the last week and a half. Vacation, rest, relaxation; all of these things are necessary to destress. And I did truly enjoy my vacation, rest, and relaxation. But now I am back.

And that is equally important. Because as much as I love time away from my desk and time with family, I also get comfort from routines. Admittedly, sometimes I am too much of a creature of habit, which is one of the reasons why vacations and other changes in routine are so important for me. Yet there has to be a balance with the familiar. Because more than just being what you know, it is something that can ground you and provide some stability to your life.

Like I’ve said, getting away is important. Yet I know that if I was constantly on the move I would burn out and be facing a serious breakdown before too long. And there is nothing wrong with that. Constant vacationing might be what some need, but for me I need to balance that with time recharging at home. And knowing what I need and what works for me as opposed to what works for other people is part of my self-care. It is part of my recovery. And that is important.

So here is to being back and to being back to normal and recharging from my vacation.

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