Stories Need A Future

I’ve talked in the past about the semicolon, which in the mental health world signifies that the story isn’t over. My story isn’t over. Your story isn’t over. The past, the early part of the story, might be full of darkness. It might be full of demons and terrors. Yet it isn’t over. It needs a future. And recovery is about giving that future.

I say this knowing that in my darkest moments I didn’t see a future. And even once I started to see one it wasn’t a very bright one. Like any story, the future is one that had to be pieced together slowly because recovery is a slow process.

And the story can be murky and can be full of unknowns. You may not know the path to your future, but you don’t have to know all the answers. This isn’t an algebra test with only one right response. The calculus of anyone’s future is one that is written in gray shades that are constantly shifting.

Yet despite all the possible unknowns that are lurking as you look out of the darkness and towards the future, it is still a future you are in control of. You have the power to be the biggest contributor to what your future looks like. It is your story. Your future. And your power.

And there might be missteps along the way. Heck, I know I’ve made more than my fair share. Yet those mistakes don’t take away from your power. They won’t delete your future.

Like I said, it is your story and it needs a future.

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