Translating Negativity into Positivity. Or At Least Trying

I talked yesterday about how I set myself up for failure time and time again by believing the negative language that mental illness whispers in my ear. Today, I want to talk about how to translate that negativity into positivity.


Photo by Gerd Altmann via

This is an important step for me in challenging the lies of mental illness. Examples of how I can do this include saying, “I will do better next time,” instead of “I failed at this and am such a failure.”

And I know that I won’t always succeed. Battling depression is a daily fight, and sometimes I just don’t have the energy. Sometimes the lies of mental illness win. Yet even that can be translated from the negativity of my own self-deprecating talk into positive self-compassion. Knowing that there will be days when I have to just ride through the darkness, knowing that it is temporary, that there is light on the other side, that is all part of translating the negative.

So call it a growth mindset, call it positive self-talk, call it whatever you need to, and do whatever you need to so that you can translate the negativity of mental illness into that positivity. Because mental illness is a battle of the mind and positivity is one of your greatest weapons. And I am right there with you in that battle.

So stay positive, y’all. And believe me when I say it does make a difference.

And as always, thanks for reading.


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