Writing Realizations

I’ve been trying to do more writing recently. Creative writing on books I’ve been tinkering around with, personal writing in the form of journaling, blogging, and also trying to establish myself as a copywriter (side note, if you need a copywriter, check out my other site, The Write Juan, or contact me).

Some of the tools of the writing trade. And yes I do have a typewriter, though I screw up far too often to use it. What would we do without the delete button? Photo by Free-Photos via Pixabay.com. 

Writing for me has always been enjoyable. Yet with guidance from my therapist, it is also now becoming a tool for me to understand myself more. My brain, it seems, works differently, and comes to new realizations when the word is written rather than spoken in my therapist’s office. New realizations spill out of my writing as the ink spills across the page, metaphorically speaking (my handwriting is basically chicken scratch so I assure you no realizations are coming from that).

However, as is the case with anything involved in healing, it is a process and requires continued practice, lest the writing realizations be whisked away in the wind. That is why I am trying to write more lately, why I am trying to force myself into the habit of writing so that I continue to move forward. It is frustrating at times, especially when writer’s block shows up, but I am trying to push on so that I can become a better writer and better and managing my mental illnesses.

And who knows, maybe locked within my dark, depression riddled mind is the next great American novel.

And what about you, dear reader? What creative outlets do you have that help with the management of mental illness?

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