On Anger

This week’s episode over on my podcast, A Light in The Darkness, focused a lot on anger. And the fact is that while people often think of depression as being mostly about a lack of energy and interest, the fact is it can also manifest as anger.

I know I have experienced this during my own depressive episodes. I get angry and want to push people away, even if they are trying to help. Especially if they are trying to help. But this is the depression. It is the chemicals misfiring in my brain. It is a lie, one that depression is so damn good at telling.

Depression comes, in part, from a sense of isolation. And it is strongest when you are isolated, at least in my case. And anger can be a tool that depression uses to achieve this goal. But don’t let it.

It can be hard, heck it can be damn near impossible, to control emotions in a depressive episode. But you can be mindful of that. You can explain it to the people in your life. And there will be people who truly love who will be there for you through the anger. Because despite the lies of mental illness, you do matter, and people will be there for you if you open up to them.

And that is stronger than the anger ever will be.

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