I’ll Stick With Zombies, Thanks

During my therapy session yesterday, my therapist and I were talking about how I can at least do something positive when in the midst of a depressive episode, even if it is just watching something I enjoy on Netflix because I don’t have the energy for anything else. She suggested that I could watch uplifting things when I was struggling with an anxious period or depressive episode. 

“No thanks,” I replied, “I’ll stick with zombies.”

Photo by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay.com.

It isn’t me snubbing my nose at uplifting stories, those are fine. On the contrary, it is about being mindful about where I am with my mental health and also knowing that zombies and vampires and the creepy crawlies of dark tales are what works for me. Mindfulness and self-care include knowing what works for you.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

No mental illness is the same. Even if you and I have the same diagnosis, chances are what pulls me out of a depressive episode will be very different from what pulls you out of a depressive episode. For me, it is the suspense of whether a zombie horde will overtake the protagonists or whether the vampire will outsmart the vampire hunter.

Shawn Rossouw from Pixabay.com. 

Perhaps it is that in my darkness I take comfort in watching things that go bump in the night. Perhaps it is that no better how bad my impostor syndrome gets, at least I know I’m better off they the walking dead because I have a pulse. I am still alive, even if in the midst of my depression I am much less lively than the beasts of the night.


So I will stick with the zombies thank you very much. And I hope wherever you are you find your own zombies to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Stick With Zombies, Thanks”

  1. I agree! I think it has something that appeals to our subconscious about the battle to defeat darkness and monsters . I feel like it’s a metaphor for my life, watching the protagonists struggle and fight to come out on top, even if they’re worse for wear or not quite whole at the end. It gives me hope, and there can never be too much of that. So they can keep their rom coms and feel good chick flicks, I’ll take zombies any day.

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