Self-Care, Safe Spaces, and Boxing

Self-care is so important for so many reasons. It helps act as a balance against the weight of the world while also acting as a vent for our own mental illnesses. It can also create safe spaces where you can allow yourself to feel messy emotions.

I say this after this morning’s workout routine/self-care/safe space. Today I worked a boxing workout into my routine, which I love doing and don’t get to do enough. And it checked off all the boxes.

It is a great workout, as anyone who has boxed before probably knows. Yet as I was doing, I also found myself venting out some of my anger. This felt so therapeutic, especially after recently realizing just how much anger I repress. Yet just punching a punching bag (or in my case an old mattress that I use as a punching bag) is safe for me. It allows me to deal with the messy emotions of my anger, which I am still processing, while acting as a counter to the many things in the world new that are frustrating or upsetting to me.

And your self-care and safe spaces can look completely different. The point of this post is not to brag about how awesome boxing is. I don’t expect everyone to run out and get their own pair of boxing gloves.

But I do hope you find a safe space for your self-care because it is so helpful and healthful. Punching bag not required.

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