Faith & Healing: You Are Not Alone

You are not alone is such an important concept to both my faith and my recovery that it is shocking to me that I haven’t discussed it in greater detail on this series yet. I guess that changes today.

I talked about being accepting of my mental illness on Friday. Moreover, I talked about how it wasn’t something to be ashamed of nor was it something one had to go through alone, specifically saying, “some of the best people I know are also mentally ill.” And I am so grateful to have those amazing people in my life because they are so supportive when the darkness catches up with me and I find myself having a bad day. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. All of these diagnoses presents challenges, but all of these diagnoses also have support networks out there that can help support you. You are never alone.

And as the parable of the man walking with God on the beach who only notices one set of footprints demonstrates, you are never alone from a spiritual point of view either. God is with us. Jesus showed that no matter how broken we might be, no matter how broken we might feel, we are forgiven for our sins, and all we have to do is follow the teachings Jesus left us with. Jesus didn’t qualify it when he said that the way to the Father, that the way to eternal life, was through Him. If anything, He made clear that those who have had such struggles in this world will be among the first welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. He recognized that amidst these struggles, it is easy to feel alone and left out, but in the life to come, that won’t be the case.

And in both cases, the knowledge that I am not alone is so comforting to me. It gives me strength to keep going when the darkness seems to be all around. It gives me comfort. And more than that, knowing that I am not alone with my mental illness or spiritually offers a path out of the darkness. And the same can be true for you too, which is why I remind you of it here.

Be well.

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