Meditation Monday

As I mentioned last week, I am retiring Medication Monday. In it’s place, I am starting the equally alliterative Meditation Monday. This series will examine some of the mental health benefits of meditation practices, while also examining my own meditation practice, which I’ve recently recommitted to working on.

Meditation Monday will be based much more on my subjective experiences with meditation, but will also include research into its many benefits as well as tips to help readers with their own meditation practices. What it won’t be is any hippy, new-agey junk. If that is how you approach meditation, great. That isn’t my approach.

Meditation is an amazing tool, don’t get me wrong, but it also seems like something that shouldn’t work as well as it does. In fact, it seems completely antithetical to our modern culture of productivity, where problems must be met with action to fix them. Instead, you are instructed to sit and merely be mindful of the thoughts and feelings that arise in your body. Yet, it seems to me, that because we are so focused on the go-go-go mentality that we don’t stop to be mindful enough, which might be exactly why it works.

So, I sincerely hope you will join me on this meditation journey and will maybe even feel comfortable enough to share your own thoughts on meditation along the way.

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