Medication Monday: Final Thoughts

This will be the last Medication Monday in the series. While there are still medications out there I haven’t discussed, I feel like I’ve given readers a good sense of some of the common and not so common medications, as well as some of the frequent issues associated with those medications. So, I wanted to close with some final thoughts.

First, mental health medication is medication. You wouldn’t judge someone for taking insulin or heart medication, mental health medication should be no different. However, there is sadly still a stigma associated with medication, a stigma I admit prevented me from getting medication for a long time. Hopefully, this series has helped put a bit of a dent in that stigma. And I am even more hopeful that all of you will go out and normalize mental health medication as well, whether you take it or not. Because we all need to do our part.

And if you are on medication and don’t want to be reliant on it, that is fine. I totally get it. I would love to be off medication someday too. For now, it is helpful to recognize the positive benefits the medication has had for my recovery, and know that it doesn’t have to be forever.

There is certainly good reason to want to be off medication. As I’ve discussed many a time in this series, mental health medications often have side effects that aren’t so awesome. However, the benefits often can outweigh those side effects.

And for the last time, it is important to realize that this series has only ever been meant as a brief, informative introduction to mental health medications. Concerns about any specific medication or any possible side effect should always be discussed with your healthcare provider.

So, thank you all for reading this series over the last year and a half. It has been an interesting series for me as I’ve learned more about the different options out there. I feel like it is now time to move on to other things, so stay tuned next Monday for something new and exciting. And as always be well.


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