Who Needs An Editor When You Have Anxiety

I love to write (in case you didn’t gather that from my various blogging adventures). It tends to follow a familiar cycle. I get an idea, I write it, I edit it, and my anxiety then immediately convinces me it is no good. Fortunately, there are people who challenge that thought and encourage me to keep writing.

And last night, while I was working on a writing project I’ve been messing around with recently, I noticed that I had written almost as many comments about the writing as I had written in the body of the document itself, a fact that suggested that I was somewhere in between the editing it and hating it stage. This in turn led to more editing and re-writing, deleting, then un-deleting (thank you ctrl +Z). And as I sat back and looked at this mess that was my writing/commenting combo I thought, “damn, who needs an editor when you have anxiety.”

And this post is *mostly* in jest. Mostly, but not totally. Because it is important to mix in humor like that and try to look at some lighter, semi-positive aspects of anxiety, the silver lining if you will, because otherwise it can become overwhelming. And in this case the silver lining is that I will save so much time for anyone who edits my work (you’re welcome future editors).

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