Oh My Mind, My How You Lie

There are many challenging aspects to living with mental illness. One of the big ones is dealing with the lies that mental illness so expertly whispers, lies that therapists call thought distortions.

These thought distortions play on your emotions, which is why the lies are so believable. Even when your logical mind knows that it is a lie, it can be extremely difficult to get your logical brain to overrule your emotional brain.

And my mind is a master at these deceitful thought distortions. My how it lies. Much of the work I have been doing in my therapy sessions focuses on overcoming these thought distortions by implementing mechanisms learned through cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Yet even with the therapy and the medication and all the coping mechanisms that I’ve learned, sometimes the lies of my mental illness wins.

And it is not just frustrating, it is down right exhausting when this happens. Yet one of those most dangerous lies that my mind, that any mind battling mental illness will tell, is that you are a failure for letting the lies win, that you will never get better. Because it simply isn’t true. And pushing back on that lie in particular can help avoid the dark, downward spiral that I talked about recently.

So yes, it is frustrating when mental illness tells me lies. It is exhausting dealing with these thought distortions. Yet in the long run I am getting better at shutting them down. It isn’t easy, accepting that the recovery will be slow and non-linear. Yet ultimately it is better than giving in to the lies. So my mind, my how you lie indeed. Yet when push comes to shoves I won’t let you or your lies win. And if a lying mind is something you battle, know that you have that ability too.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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