World Mental Health Day and the Dark Tales’ Second Birthday

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. And two years ago it is also when I launched this site. Because World Mental Health Day is a great day to start pushing back against the stigma surrounding mental illness, but every day after that needs to be a day for pushing back against mental illness. Because stigma doesn’t take a break and neither can we. 

In the past two years, I have learned so much about mental health issues. I have come across so many dark tales. And in those dark tales are stories of strength and perseverance. Because living with a mental illness, living with demons that are constantly trying to pull you down, it is exhausting. And it takes strength to overcome those struggles. 

And we need to celebrate that strength, that perseverance as well. Because World Mental Health Day is a day to advocate, a day to push back against the stigma, but it is also a day to celebrate the victories we have over mental illnesses. 

In the past two years, I have helped share information about mental health medication, because the stigma surrounding mental health issues takes many forms, and it is important to push back on all of them. I have shed light on therapy so that those who are just starting on that journey might have a better idea of what to expect than I did. I started a podcast about faith and mental illness and just started a new one about mental illness and the law. 

And most importantly I’ve connected with some amazing readers, who have made this journey so rewarding. So for this World Mental Health Day, I am saying thank you to all who have supported this journey as I recommit myself to sharing the dark tales of mental illness and pushing back on the stigma that has caused so many of us to suffer in silence. 

So until next time, be well, and thanks for reading.

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