100 Dark Tales

Today marks my 100th post. In that time, I’ve been struck by both the very sincere responses that I’ve seen and by the bravery and honesty of others I’ve connected with since starting this blog. Talking about the dark tales of mental illness may start as a whisper, but as more people join the conversation it grows into a roar. And it is my hope that this site continues to do that.

There are a lot of ways to fight back against the demons of mental illness. Sometimes it is through talk therapy, and other times it requires medication. Yet even if you know that other people have struggles too, one of the many insidious things about mental illness is that it isolates you, making you feel like everyone else has their shit together except you. And the best way to fight that is to tell your story, taking the power back from your demons.

And so, as this site moves past the 100th post, there is still work to be done. There are still discussions about the struggle of mental illness that need to happen, a struggle that happens in silence for too many sufferers. I have plans to expand this site, adding new features as I go. And I hope to incorporate other stories in as well. As always, if you have a story of your fight with mental illness, feel free to contact me, either through the contact link above, or in the comment section below.

I believe that as those who struggle with mental illness continue to shine a light on their dark tales, as we continue to raise awareness about what it is like living with these diseases, that one day this site, and others like it, will become obsolete. But until then, the dark tales go on….


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