Wordle Wisdom

Like many people in the country, I enjoy challenging myself with the word game Wordle. Unlike some people, I rarely comment on or share my wordle successes and failures.

And I’m not saying that doing that is bad. Each person has to do what is right for them. However, for me, I know that my competitive nature and my depression’s negative self-talk are exacerbated when I compare myself to others. Especially because with something like Wordle, there is really no conclusion that can be drawn from such comparisons.

I say this because I know for a fact I have gotten lucky and gotten an answer in 3 or 4 when someone else missed it entirely. Likewise, I know there are times I miss it because I simply had a brain fart that or maybe just was unlucky in the letters I picked.

My point, in this fun-little-Wordle-inspired post, is that the accomplishments of someone else don’t reflect on you. Nor are your failures the end of the road. After all, there is always another Wordle tomorrow.

So what do I try to do with my Wordles if not compare myself to others? I try to have fun with it and do better than I did yesterday. Because whether it is my recovery, my career, my personal life, or even my Wordle, all that matters is my growth. Some days are grayed out, a sign I missed the mark that day in my recovery. Other days I get a glimmer of yellow because I am on the right track. And when I work at it, my recovery and my Wordle are all green.

And like I said, if not, there is always a new chance tomorrow.


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