Healing Takes Time

Recovery from mental illness is challenging. And one of the most frustrating things, for me at least, is that it is not a quick fix. Healing takes time.

I’ve been thinking about this recently because I sprained my wrist falling down some stairs on Saturday. And it is frustrating because it is my dominant hand, so I am using it often and frustrated by the pain and soreness that is still there. And frustrating of all is knowing that I shouldn’t be using as much as I do, but I don’t have the patience to not do the things that I need to do. And what really is frustrating is that all of this probably means it will take longer to heal.

This storyline isn’t new for me though. When I first started going to therapy I similarly struggled with wanting to be better and wanting to be better fast. It also meant I decided I was healed and done with therapy long before I actually should have stopped, which caused a big backslide and which prolonged my recovery time.

I know it is frustrating. I know it takes time and we don’t want to slow down our lives for that recovery. Yet recovery done incorrectly will slow down our lives in its own way. So slow down and remember that healing takes time, and you are worth taking that time.

Be well everyone.


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