International Women’s Day

This month is Woman’s History Month and today is International Women’s History Month. There have been so many incredible contributions of women to the mental health field. From Nellie Bly who helped expose the horrid conditions in early mental health asylums to modern waymakers in the psychoanalytical field, we would not understand mental health conditions today in the same way if it weren’t for those contributions.

And we deserve to give back to women the world over.

Just as no two mental health conditions are the same, no two people and no two genders are the same. Our society has come a long way towards achieving equality between the sexes, but there is still a long way to go. As such, the experience of women who experience mental health conditions is not necessarily the same as others. Just as it is crucial to have mental health professionals who are individuals of color, it is equally essential that there be female mental health professionals who are available to consumers, as well as counselors that are male, non-binary, trans, etc.

It is also important to recognize barriers to this. Barriers include insurance issues, regional shortages, cost issues, and more. Additionally, women in abusive situations may not feel that it is safe for them to seek help, so we need to cut through those barriers as well.

So as we recognize International Women’s Day 2022, we celebrate the progress that has been made and the contributions of countless incredible women, but we also acknowledge that we have a long way to go still. Hopefully, this time next year will be the cause for new celebrations, but only time and society will tell.


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