No Good, Very Bad Days

This morning was a no good, very bad, downright awful morning. You’ve heard of Murphy’s law? Well, my morning was Murphy’s morning.

And when I have no good, very bad days, it seems like my depression jumps at the chance to make me feel worse. It tries to convince me that things that very much aren’t my fault are somehow my fault. And then my anxiety jumps in on the action and makes me worried that everything else is going to go wrong and that people will judge me or leave me or hate me for having a no good, very bad day.

And I get worked up and have so much trouble calming myself back down. It really sucks, especially because, contrary to what my depression says, much of it is just bad luck.

And the reason I was able to turn around my no good, very bad day was that I forced myself to just accept that I couldn’t change the past, that much of what had gone wrong wasn’t my fault (some of it was, but we aren’t talking about that right now, okay), and that the day would only get worse if I let it continue to dictate my emotions.

And sometimes, like today, all it takes is giving yourself a few minutes of deep breathing to get out of that negative headspace and realize that what started out being a no good, very bad day, can still end on a positive note. Or at the very least you can realize that your no good, very bad day is just a Thursday, and that it will pass just like all the other days do.

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