Is There A Difference Between My Psychiatrist and A Drug Dealer?

Yes. The definite answer to that question is yes. But…sometimes it doesn’t seem like that.

After all, I only see my psychiatrist once every three months. One of the big purposes of those visits is for him to make any adjustments to my meds and re-prescribe anything that I need refills on. And if I run out before my next appointment I can message him or just go to the pharmacy (aka the middle man) and have them re-prescribe it.

And of course, there is the difference that my psychiatrist went to med school and works in a fancy office in a big hospital, whereas a drug dealer is ironically, easier to get to and easier to get drugs from. They even deliver to where I am (or so I am told).

And I wonder this because I so often question myself about whether I actually need the mental health medications I am on. Sometimes it seems like just a bad habit, a crutch that I can lean on. Yet it isn’t like I am not doing the work outside of taking my medication. And rather than destabilizing my life, as might happen with the substances a drug dealer is pushing, the medication I get through my psychiatrist helps me live a fuller, more engaged, less anxious, and less depressed life.

So yes there is a difference, no I am not using the medication as a crutch, and yes, a big part of this post was to remind myself of that fact. But, of course, also to remind any of you who might be doubting whether or not your mental health medication is helpful or not.


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