Slippery Roads

It is winter, which in northern states like where I live means winter weather and slippery roads. Now, I grew up in snowy states, so I know how to drive in winter weather, but there are still times that I can feel the tires slipping.

Recently, as I was first pulling out of my driveway, the tires spun some and my traction control warning light came on.

And my first thought was “I know, I know, thanks for telling me,” because apparently, basic safety lights annoy me. Yet I also feel like this warning light could so often apply to my mental health. Sometimes I feel like I am just about to get traction when all of the sudden I lose traction, the proverbial warning lights flash, and I feel myself slipping into depression.

And the warning light so often is telling you the same thing. Slow down!

The more we try to ignore hazards around us, whether it is winter weather or whether it is things that trigger our mental health, the more likely we are to spin our tires, lose control, and find ourselves spinning out of control into the snowbank. Metaphorically and literally speaking.

And honestly, winter is the perfect time to slow down. Both on the roads and when it comes to our mental health. For me, it is a perfect time to slow down, stay inside by the fire, and work on coping strategies like journaling.

And if you sometimes feel yourself slipping out of control, maybe this post can be the same reminder it is for me, a reminder to slow down and get yourself back in control.


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