New Year and Fresh Starts

Last week, Friday didn’t just bring about the end of the week, it brought about the end of the year. And with the new year comes fresh starts, or at least that is what many people hope.

After all, the new year often brings New Year’s Resolutions, which are music to the ears of gym owners everywhere as working out and losing weight are constantly popular ones (losing weight is once again on my list this year). Yet too few people don’t stop to think about why they need new starts.

We love to put the bad behind us and so many people think that the start of a new calendar year will change everything. Yet we are still in the midst of a pandemic, so that bunch of horribleness isn’t behind us, not yet at least. And I know personally that the reason working out and losing weight is once again front and center in my list of New Year’s Resolutions is because I didn’t succeed at doing that regularly last year. And understanding where I went wrong in the past is key to having an actual fresh start.

Being optimistic about the future is important. It is one of the tools I use to try to fend off the darkness of depression. Yet learning from the past is important to understanding yourself and understanding who you want to be when the future gets here. So for me at least I am trying to have a new year with lessons of last year fueling my “fresh” start. And whatever your plans are for 2022, I hope you also find your way to them.

Happy New Year everyone!


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