Holidays, Anxiety, Medication-Side Effects, and Omicron Fears: An Update

Hi everyone, just checking in briefly before popping back out for the New Year, so this will be my last post of 2021 (tears). Since my last post, Omicron has continued to drive anxieties higher and higher, which is just gas on a fire for those of us with anxiety disorders since we really don’t need additional things to be anxious about, especially during the holidays when anxiety and depression sometimes spike for some people and especially not for me after a recent bout of unpleasant side effects from my meds that caused me to miss much of the festive fun on Christmas Eve. So far this is turning into quite the update.

And with so many things going on, particularly so many things that might weigh on my anxiety and depression, some might ask how do I cope.

And to be honest, not always the best. It is important to be honest that sometimes we have bad days and there are certainly plenty of things that might cause those bad days to show up. Allowing ourselves to feel that, to feel the disappointment of opportunities we might miss because of those bad days, is important. Ignoring emotions often only serves to feed the demons.

Yet once I let myself feel bad or mad or sad or whatever, there are ways that I cope. Meditation and journaling are big outlets for me, resources that I know I can turn to whenever I feel overwhelmed or whenever I need to ‘pour’ some of my thoughts onto the page of a journal. Turning to friends or loved ones is another strategy. And sometimes, it helps to just give myself a self-care day and let the darkness have time to pass.

Because ultimately everything that is happening right now is temporary. The good stuff, like family and holidays, and the bad stuff like Omicron and anxiety, they will all pass. After all, all the darkness I’ve been through before has ultimately passed and I am still here. And reminding myself of that is one of the best gifts I can give myself as I head into the new year.

And you are still here too. Thank you for reading, and hopefully we will all keep showing up in 2022.

Happy New Year Everyone.


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