Getting Back Just In Time for A Break

Some of you may have noticed a bit of an absence of posts from me over the last week. I found myself busy getting into the Christmas spirit while also busying myself by tying up loose ends at work before the holidays. However, I figured I would pop back in just in time for a longer break.

I will be off the next few days for Christmas but should make one or two more appearances before the New Year.

And as we head into this festive time, let me just say that I know it isn’t the most festive for everyone. For some people, this time of year is a challenge. For some, a time of togetherness can be a time of isolation, especially this year as the Omicron variant runs rampant through our communities. Yet this year, this Christmas, it is just temporary. It will pass, and so too will the darkness of the grief, isolation, and depression you might be feeling.

I should know. This was once a hard time of the year for me too. Even now, there are times my depression puts me out of sync with the bright lights and festive activities. When that happens, I give myself space to feel my feelings, space from the family, from the crowd, space to remind myself that this will pass.

You are stronger than your darkness. And even if you feel isolated this time of year, I promise you that you are not alone. Sometimes you need to just take a break. And other times you need to get back to it just in time to take a break, as I am doing here.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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