Heroes and Demons

I’ve talked a lot on this site about the darkness and the demons of mental illness. Because that is what it feels like. This darkness possesses you, and sometimes it is like you are just watching the world pass you by as the demon’s darkness takes control. But there are heroes too.

Because heroes persevere amid hardships. And all of us who live with mental illness persevere every single day. Heroes face the darkness, and living with mental illness, we do the same. We are badass heroes because living with mental illness isn’t easy, and if you are still here you are a survivor.

And the more we talk about it, the more we spread that heroism. Because a hero isn’t just someone who steps in when the going gets tough. A hero goes beyond that. A hero inspires others to find their own brightness. And when we talk about it, when we push back against the stigma of mental illness, we act like heroes.

Because the fact that we are still here means that our heroes on the whole are stronger than our demons. And everyone likes the story of a hero.

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