Does My Car Really Need Brakes?

I mean how important is it for my car to be able to come to a safe and controlled stop?

Obviously, I am joking. This question, however, was brought to you by the recent need to replace the brake pads and rotors on my car, amounting to a hefty repair bill. Again, does my car really need brakes?

And all joking aside, the fact is before the repairs, my car could stop, it just sounded truly awful. Indeed, my car decided that in addition to brake lights, it would alert surrounding cars that I was stopping with the cacophonous sound of metal grinding on metal. And I’m not a car guy, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a good or safe way for a car to operate.

However, before I got help for my depression, there were many points where I just wouldn’t have cared about my own safety. Sure, the brakes would have concerned me because of the risk of injuring someone else, but when your darkness has you on a brakeless downward spiral, sometimes it is hard to care about your own well-being.

Indeed, It felt like I didn’t have brakes during the worst of my depression, sinking instead into darker and darker moments where I honestly didn’t care if I woke up in the morning.

Now, after many hours of therapy and medication and healing, I can definitively say that yes, brakes matter, both for the safety of your car, as well as for the sake of your mental health. Sometimes when the darkness creeps in too much, we don’t notice that we are plummeting downwards without any kind of brake.

But help is available. If you feel like you can’t stop yourself safely, get your car to a mechanic and get yourself to a therapist.

Because believe me. Brakes are important.

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