Back to Reality

Vacations are nice, but eventually, we all have to get back to reality. For me, I was vacationing in Pennsylvania with family over the last week. As a nice bonus to finish out the trip I was able to stop for a quick hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. However, today is back to reality.

That means that it is back to checking emails and snail-mail, doing the daily chores, etc. Sometimes, a big change, or in this case a change back to normal, back to reality, can trigger anxiety and depression for me. I worry I might have missed too much while I was gone. I worry that I was irresponsible, that I took too much time off, that I will just be bored, etc.

And the frustrating thing about all of this is that I know it is just the opportunistic demons of mental illness lying to me, trying to get me to trip up and fall into their darkness. I know that I didn’t miss too much because I still had my phone if someone needed to get a hold of me in an emergency and I was still able to keep an eye on email to make sure nothing drastic happened. I know that time off is an important part of self-care. And I know that I am an introvert who will be far from bored by the much-needed return to normal.

Yet all of this goes to show how sneaky mental illness can be, using a return from vacation as just one of a million possible ways to trip you up. Sometimes it works, and it will be several more days before I am able to escape the darkness and return to a real sense of normal. Mostly I am lucky though. I am lucky that I have friends and family and medication and a therapist all able to help me return to normal if the darkness creeps in a little too much.

It starts with me though. I have to recognize when I need to reach out for support. And that is the moral of today’s post. There is no shame in stumbling when you return to normal, to reality. So many of us have been there.

And there are so many of us ready and willing to help you return to reality as well.

So with that, I will sign off. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. And I hope everyone is okay as they return to reality.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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