Words Are Great, Words Aren’t Enough

I really like to write, as you may guess from the several hundred posts I have on here. And sometimes, sometimes I feel like I can craft the right words to capture the darkness, shaping the shadows into letters, the letters into words, and the words into paragraphs that together communicate the horror of depression. And sometimes the beauty of it too. Yet sometimes, as great as words are, they just aren’t enough.

I say that after having a really good therapy session this morning. As I’ve said in the past, the current therapy that I do deals a lot with recognizing your emotions and listening to them, which I realize I haven’t done in the past. And because I was so bad at identifying my emotions, much less managing them, I simply didn’t have the words for them.

And this isn’t a bad thing. Recovery is a journey, and along the way you gain not only tools, but also the language to better manage your recovery. For me, that means learning how to use words, which again are really great, and applying them to emotions, where they have always been lacking.

And this also means that you can look forward to so many more wordy posts in the future. I mean honestly, they will just be the wordiest.


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