Self-Compassion to Finish Out the Week

This was a busy week for me. And the fact is I know that there are still emails I haven’t returned, things on my to-do list for work that will have to wait until Monday. And thanks to the darkness of my depression, I tend to be an incredibly hard critic of myself. Mistakes or just the busy business of being human that I would accept compassionately and without question in anyone else nag at me, trying to pull me down into the darkness. But I am deciding to finish this week out with some self-compassion.

The fact is I know that all that work will still be waiting for me on Monday when I go back to my computer and login to all my work accounts again. I know there aren’t any critical deadlines that I missed because I prioritized those tasks. And most importantly it is okay because my worth as a human being is not measured by my productivity.

The people in my life aren’t in my life because of how much work I can or can’t get done. They don’t care how many boxes on my to-do list I have checked. My daughter certainly doesn’t care as long as playing with her and taking care of her is always something that I get done (which is always the case because she is at the top of my priority list). Life goes on and there will always be more work to do, so I shouldn’t let it stress me out.

And you shouldn’t either.

Because like me your productivity is not the measure of who you are. And the top of your to-do list should always be to take care of yourself. Because you matter.

Now go have a good weekend all you beautiful people.

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