The Pandemic Can Go, But Some Things Can Stay

I think I speak for just about everyone when I say that this pandemic can go fuck itself. And no, I’m not going to apologize for the strong language because it is long past time for this to be over (seriously people, please go get vaccinated if you haven’t already). Even as an introvert who at first liked being home more (apologies to my extroverted wife), it is time for us to get back out there. But just because I believe it is time for the pandemic to go, doesn’t mean some things shouldn’t be allowed to stay.

I say this as I reflect on the many therapy and psychiatry appointments I was able to have from home. Increasing the ease of access will make therapy a more realistic option for the many people who need it, and I for one sincerely hope that this is a custom that stays.

Yet even more importantly than virtual therapy sessions, I believe it is essential that the general concern for self-care and mental well-being stays. As people have been trapped indoors by this pandemic, larger and larger chunks of our society have recognized the potential impact that this has on one’s mental health. And as awareness has grown, so too has the conversation.

And as the conversation grows, more people learn about mental health. Better still, more people can talk about their own mental health. Openly. Honestly. And they can get the help they need. Too many still suffer in silence, yet this pandemic not only created more of a conversation about mental health, but also the tools to get those people who are just joining the conversation the help they need.

So yes, it is time for the pandemic to go, but some things can stay.


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