I’ll Have A Double Espresso with Anxiety Please, Hold The Cream

Anxiety sucks. The rushing heartbeat, the sweating, the panicked feelings that tells you…”ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE!” At least that is how it can be for me and like I said, for me it it sucks.

Yet part of learning to be mindful means recognizing how habits, routines, and emotions can impact our anxiety, as well as other factors. Like coffee.

Personally, I love a good coffee. Yet sometimes I just can’t have coffee because my anxiety is already heightened and my heart rate is already racing and my mind and body are on alert. And I have discovered that if I add coffee to the mix it will push me into a near panic attack state. And I assure you this is not fun.

It is something I have to be mindful off constantly. Because there are times that my anxiety sneaks up on me and I’m not aware of just how anxious I actually am, which may sound strange if you don’t have an anxiety disorder. But if you do have an anxiety disorder you might recognize the fact that you are so anxious so much of the time that it sometimes just becomes your baseline. Until you add coffee to it.

Other times you might have already had your morning cup of joe, but then something happens that triggers your anxiety and all of the sudden you are off to the races, or your heart is at least. So, yeah, like I said, you need to be constantly aware and able to say to yourself that today is not the day for coffee. It isn’t fun, but neither is living with a mental illness, it is just one of the many little things that people might not think of but which are actually quite important to be aware of when you or someone you know might be living with an anxiety disorder.

Of course, as I’ve said before, I am stronger than my mental illnesses, so I will get coffee again someday, even if it isn’t today.

P.S. For a cuter take on coffee and mental illness, check out the latest Daddying with Depression post.

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