Letting Life Happen

I am firmly convinced that a good portion of my anxiety, and probably many people’s anxiety, is that we try to control everything. Yet life isn’t meant to be that controlled. Sometimes we have to just let life happen.

For example, I was trying to do some work on my computer this morning while my 15 month old was busy playing. Silly, dada, computers are much more fun. At first I tried to keep her away from the computer, but then I decided to just let life happen.

And of course this is a simple example that can easily be fixed once my daughter moves on to whatever grabs her attention next (it was a book because she loves books). Yet maybe that is true of just about everything. Work can be paused. If a toddler or a cat does hits the keyboard and does something they aren’t supposed to, there is control+z. Text messages don’t have to be returned right away (that is actually the beauty of text messages).

And there are times that life absolutely kicks you when you are down. As someone living with clinical depression, I know that all too well. Yet I’ve also learned that the darkness passes just as night eventually turns into day. Again, you just have to let life happen.

That doesn’t mean you are powerless, far from it. You can choose how you react to what life brings your way. You can choose the people in your life who will be there to help support you. You have a lot of power. Yet, unfortunately, nobody has all the power. We can’t control everything. Sometimes we just have to let life happen. And maybe, if we do, we will be a little less anxious for it.

P.S. If anyone is interested in the masterpiece my daughter typed out, I’ve included it below. Yep, I’m convinced writing runs in the family:

\,\].\\|| .mmml//




]Ooooooooo Mjllllll




l8o’/;lllllpppppppppp;jtb grvf3c33334tyjkl/




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