Discussing Depression

Let’s talk about depression. I mean, technically I’ve done that a lot on this site. I mean a lot. Yet sometimes, we gotta just talk about it more. Because I firmly believe that discussing depression robs it of some of its power.

Depression thrives on isolation. When it has us cornered and alone in the darkness, it can dig its dark talons into us, dragging us further down with its lies. And damn does it lie so well.

And it uses those lies to further isolate us. It tells us that we aren’t worthy of love, that we’ll be a burden to those we care about if we open up about the depression, that they’ll leave us. And so we lie and say we’re fine when really we’re suffering alone in the dark.

Yet chances are the people that are in our life are there for a reason. Chances are it is because they care about us. They want to see us well. And when we discuss depression those people rally to our sides, robbing depression of the isolation it wields so damn effectively.

In college for example, I had a depressive spell that lasted several months. And I know that I was an absolute horror to be around during that time. I was like an empty shell, physically present, but not really there. Yet I had a group of friends who stuck by me during this time. And they were rewarded when the depression lifted and they got their friend back. They knew who I was and they knew it wasn’t the depression. They supported me until I got back to being the person they knew.

Yes, there are some who might be scared away from the darkness. Discussing depression also means being honest about that. And it will hurt when that happens. It is equally important to be honest about that. Yet we have to realize, regardless of what our darkness tells us, that those people leaving is more about them and where they are then us and our darkness and where we are. Maybe that isn’t a huge comfort in the moment, but there will come a time when remember that is important.

So if you are struggling with the darkness of depression, know that you aren’t alone. Also know that there are people out there to discuss your depression with you.

Happy Friday everyone.


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