Taking the Power Back

One of the things I’ve talked about often with a previous therapist is who has the power, me or my mental illness. So often I give up power to my depression or anxiety, letting it hold be back from living our lives. Too often I would say that I couldn’t try something or I couldn’t communicate something because my anxiety.

My anxiety and depression are a part of my life, but they aren’t me. And they don’t have the power. And if depression and anxiety is something you live with, know that it isn’t you either. It doesn’t define you and you still have the power.

As with so many of the other posts I’ve made on this site, this is in part a reminder to myself. In fact, it is something that I am constantly reminding myself of, so I figured others could use the reminder too.

And I think part of the reason that I give the power up so often is because I sometimes internalize the stigma, which is one of the reasons I often push back against it so hard. Too often I internalize society’s stigma that mental illness somehow makes me less. Less capable, less strong, less intelligent, less worthy of good things.

None of those things are true and the truth is I am tired of hearing it. I am taking the power back from my demons. And if that is something you are battling, hopefully you can too. I am cheering for you.

And after talking the power back from my demons, I will try to push back against the power of society’s stigma. Because no one should ever have to live under the power of their demons. And together we have the power, not the stigma. Because none of us are alone.

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