700 Thoughts (And So Many More Bouncing Around in My Head)

This marks my 700th post. It is hard to believe it has been that many. And it seems like even thought I have talked about a lot on this site, the reality is I have so many more thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Part of that is that recovery is an ongoing process, one that is far from linear, so some days the darkness may bleed through onto these pages, other days I might be in a more positive spot in my recovery. Some days the demons jumble everything in my head up and it all comes out as one giant mess, other days I surprise myself by being relatively clear and focused in the way I am able to compose myself and my thoughts.

Some days I hate what I write. Other days I am begrudgingly accepting of it. Rarely do I really like it, but I am working on that. Yet I feel like it is important to be honest on this site, not just for me but for others who might be facing their own battles. Sometimes I am better at than others, but I am always working to be better.

Hopefully, the quality of this site only continues to improve. I thank all of you who have joined me and supported me along the way. 700 down and counting.

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