Written Reflections

Last night and today I took some time to reflect on past journal entries and past posts on this site. Far from being an exercise in boredom, I find it important to occasionally look back on where I’ve been to see the progress I’ve made and to better understand where I might be going.

Sometimes I’ll see the shadow of a demon that I wasn’t aware of, lurking in between the letters. I’ll see it in patterns of anxieties that have popped up only to disappear just as quickly. But caught forever in the ink of my past writings, my written reflections allow me to see these demons clear as day, to address the damage they might try to inflict in the darkness.

Yet while the past can be informative, especially when it comes to reflecting on the progress we’ve made in recovery, the fact is that we never want to get trapped in the past. On the contrary, we want to use it to more accurately inform where we should go in the future.

And maybe the best thing that I can see when I pause for these written reflections is the power I have. The power I have make choices that have benefited my recovery, that have strengthened relationships with others, that have benefited my community, or that have simply been examples of self-care that I should be proud of.

So if you journal, consider taking some time for your own written reflections. You might be surprised by what you learn.

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