Cracked, Broken, but Still Useful

I recently got a coffee mug in the mail that was, unfortunately, cracked and chipped. Suffice it to say that I won’t be trying to drink coffee out of it lest I want to clean up a mess of coffee. But that doesn’t mean that it is trash. In other words, sometimes things are cracked, broken, but still useful. And that is something I totally resonate with. Heck, I think that most of us do.

The stigma surrounding mental illness and the demons of mental illness both like to portray those with mental illness as broken beyond use. Mental illness might make it hard to do certain things. For example, I don’t plan on attending mega music festivals like Loolapalooza because of my social anxiety and depression. Yet my experience with mental illness not only doesn’t make me useless, thanks to my experience in recovery it makes me uniquely useful. For one thing, it makes me well qualified to help others with a mental health crisis, which I do as a recovery support specialist.

Not to mention the fact that my friends and family are all in my life because of who I am, mental illness included, not in spite of the illness.

I say this because it needs to be said. Depression and mental illness might leave me cracked, chipped in places even, but it damn sure doesn’t leave me useless. And if you battle mental illness as well you are still useful too.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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