Mental Health Days are Not Vacations

I’ve seen some act like an employee who needs to take a mental health day is taking just another vacation day. And before I go on, yes, I will acknowledge some abuse the term and some engage in self-care routines that may closely resemble vacation days. However, there are also mental health days that are far from that vacations. And that is what this post is about.

For me, mental health days might be days spent in bed or on the couch because that is literally all I have the energy to do. It isn’t fun. Just as on a sick day I might be couch bound as my immune system battles off microscopic invaders, mental health days are me fighting back against the demons who have thrown my mind into shadows and chaos.

These days the energy it takes for me to get from the bed to the couch, or the bed to the bathroom, that might be all the energy I have because the demons have robbed me of everything else. Maybe I can make myself some toast or something. Showering? Forget about it. Leaving the house? Out of the question.

Yet a significant part of the stigma still surrounding mental health conditions is the fact that too many people treat those who take mental health days as either lazy, weak, or on vacation. None of those things are true.

And I recognize that this post alone won’t change people’s minds about that. Yet maybe, just maybe, it will be a step in that direction.

One thought on “Mental Health Days are Not Vacations”

  1. The great thing about working in the Healthcare field is that they encourage mental health days. Unfortunately for me, my last mental health days were in the psych ward (I blogged about it, why not?). But we need to take the time we have. Don’t just use it to make doctor’s appointments and the like, sit in your home and binge watch Netflix shows or something. Just do stuff you want to do even if it’s NOTHING.

    Mental health days are great especially when you have kids (if they would go to actual school, it would be great). But sometimes you just need to be alone.

    My daughter is starting summer camp which is alll day and I can’t wait because….she sent me to the psych ward. Don’t tell her though.

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