Faith & Healing: Facing the Fear with the One Who Walked on Water

I talked on Friday about the fear that can come with mental health conditions, and how facing that fear can help an individual during their recovery. Today, I want to expand on that by talking about facing that fear with Jesus, who famously calmed the fears of his disciples by walking on water.

It was something that was touched upon by my pastor during today’s sermon, and it is something I have been thinking about since. It reminded me of something a former pastor of mine said, which is that God never gives you more than He can handle. It is okay to be afraid of the demons in the shadows of your mind. That is human. Even Jesus’ own disciples experienced fear in their journey following Jesus. Heck, even Jesus himself experienced fear during the night in the Garden of Gethsemane. Yet God was with Jesus in that moment, just as Jesus was with his disciples on the water when they faced the fear of rough seas, and just as God the Father and God the Son are with us when we choose to face our fears.

And sometimes when I am in the dark and afraid, and even after all the time I’ve spent in recovery I am still afraid plenty, sometimes I try to place myself in that moment, that boat, with those disciples. I try to imagine feeling that fear, only to see the teacher, as they called Jesus, not only calm, but out on the sea. Walking.

It is a reminder that though the demons of mental illness might be scary, Jesus is capable of things we can’t even dream to ask for. And that is something worth putting our faith in.

Thanks for reading everyone, be well.

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