Faith & Healing: Growth and God

The Bible is a book with so much to offer in my opinion. Its lessons have helped me tremendously, along with the acceptance that being a member of my church provides. And one of my favorite lessons is about growth and God, and how He can help you in your personal growth goals.

Growing is never easy. Growing pains aren’t just physical after all. Too often, anxiety over new situations that arise from the unknown, that come from growth, make the whole process for us uncomfortable. At least for me that is true. For me, I am an excellent example of an object at rest wanting to stay at rest.

Yet I can’t stay at rest forever. At some point I have to grow and move forward with life. And for me, the best lessons of growth comes from Paul. After all, he grows so much that his name changes.

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Paul started life as Saul, a Pharisee, who made it his mission to persecute followers of Christ. Yet while on the road to Damascus, he is blinded by a light and a voice from Jesus asking why he is persecuting Christ and his followers. Jesus then tells Saul to go to a servant who helps heal him of the blindness. Moving forward, we see tremendous growth in Saul as he becomes Paul.

And while the sign that we need to change usually isn’t as blunt as a blinding light, most of us have our own “road to Damascus” moment. It is that moment where the past no longer can stand, where how you’ve been living your life needs to change because the old ways are causing you too much harm. For me, I have had several “road to Damascus” moments, and each time they remind me that while I am the one walking the path, that I am the one healing and growing and moving forward, there is in fact another who is leading me.

And for me, that is very comforting.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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