Sometimes We Just Need to Shake It All Out

Whenever I do yoga, I tend to end by just shaking my body out. I don’t know if this is actually a thing that is considered part of typical yoga practice, but it works for me. I mean, sometimes, sometimes we all just need to shake it all out.

I think apart from helping me feel physically relaxed, shaking it all out helps me feel mentally relaxed, as though I am simply letting go of whatever stress or anxiety I have been dealing with. It is a vent, a release that I can do whenever and wherever I need it. Yes, I have other ways of venting, such as talking with friends, journaling, whatever, but shaking it all out is just such a feel good way of physically and mentally letting go.

And letting it go is something I need to do more. So much of my anxiety comes from past darkness. Yet as my therapist points out, it is okay to remember you past, but don’t let yourself be trapped by the past. Too often I have let the vines of darkness and despair from the past tie me down. Shaking it all out allows me to break free from those dark and twisty vines and focus on my recovery. It allows me to focus on the future.

And I think that is a good thing. Sometimes, sometimes we all just need to shake it out.

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