We’re All A Little Different, But None of Us Have to Be Alone

In high school, I frequently struggled with feeling very different. I dealt with this by putting on clothing and masks that didn’t fit who I was, they fit who I thought everyone wanted me to be. And ironically, the more like everyone else I tried to be the more alone I felt. Because the truth is people connect with our rough edges, they connect with our differences. The truth is we’re all a little different, but none of us have to be alone.

Even the most introverted introvert, the most social anxious social anxiety sufferer needs people. And there are people out there for everyone. And with the internet, it is easier than ever to reach out and connect with those people. And the more diverse my friend base gets, the more I recognize that we are all a little different, but none of us have to be alone.

And honestly, I am so glad that we are all a little different. I annoy myself constantly, so if people weren’t different imagine how annoyed I’d be. And imagine how bored I’d be. I love stories, as I talked about yesterday, and I love connecting with new people, and getting to know their story while also sharing mine. And as we share our stories, our mutual tales become richer, more complex. They become stronger. And in those bond we find lifelines leading us out of the darkness. Lifelines that might not exist if we couldn’t connect through our different tales.

Because we are all a little different, but that should be empowering, not isolating.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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