Faith & Healing: Where Three or More Gather

The Good Book tells us that wherever three or more of us gather, Jesus is present as well. And I firmly believe that is true, having sometimes felt His healing presence in those moments.

Faith for me isn’t just about church. It is His creation. It is the trees and the wilderness. It is the moments that you can’t put a price tag on when you are with your tribe. Whether your tribe is your family, your friends, or some combination of them, the power I’ve felt when I open myself up, when I am vulnerable, the healing presence of knowing that others out there are there for me and care for my well being. It is a bigger pick me up than all the medications and a heartfelt therapy sessions combined.

Jesus was many things, but a prideful man wasn’t one of them. I firmly believe that we are a social species for a reason and that reason is because it allows Jesus to be so present in our hearts and our minds when we connect with one another. His instruction, that He is present whenever three or more gather isn’t about glorifying him in my mind, it is about Him walking with us. Him bringing us together. Him healing us. Him removing our divisions.

And we will talk more about divisions next week, but for now, I just want to say that if there is a moment where you are with those you treasure, don’t be surprise if you feel something ineffable there, as if the one who is greater than all is also present as well.

And if you struggle with feeling alone, as has been the case far too often for me, may this be a comforting reminder that you are never alone. He is with us, and He wants us to be together and supportive of one another too. You are not alone is not a cliche, but a reminder from on high.

Have a good week.

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